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Yaz Pillows provides high quality one of a kind pillows that are made with care and precision. All items needed to fulfill your orders are supplied by my company. All provisions are taken into consideration for customers with allergies to particual filling. Products can be delivered or shipped locally or internationally

How Can I Help You?

I enjoy providing excellent personalized pillows . All orders take 2 weeks turn around. If fabric has to be ordered, time may vary. Thank you for your understanding.  50% Deposit is required for your order to be processed. 


Yaz Pillows are $45.00 a piece  (no worries I have great deals)

Names are Free *First Three Letters* additional $2.00 per remaining letter

Lets Talk Deals

Solid Colors and Prints

2 for $75.00

Novelty Pillows

2 for $75.00

Sports Pillows ( personal sells.)

2 for $80.00

Princess TUTU Pillows (only) 


Medicine Bag Pillow



Sleep Aid Pillows

Lavender Infusion +$15.00

Lavender Sachets 2 for $30.00


Pillow Cases

2 for $40.00

Hair Care Pillows

Nubian Satin Collection

2 for $75.00


Baby Boppy


Adult  Size Boppy


Pet Pillows


Audio Pillows


Toddler Floor Pillows


Body Pillows 

Toddler Size $45.00 (4ft)

Adult Size $90.00  (6ft)

Sports $140.00 (6ft)

Outdoor Pillows

2 for $70.00

Yaz Kidz Korner

Blanket and Matching Pillow 


Yaz Signature Pillows are All Black 2 for $100.00 I love these pillows one is $65.00 

Thank you for your inquiry. Now place your order so your Yaz Experience can begin.


50% Deposit REQUIRED

Deposits are required prior to order being processed. 



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